• Navigator receives drive and walk commands from any app.
  • Windows Phone 8 or above.


  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation using Bing Maps and bing offline maps.
  • Uses text to speech to speak directions as you drive.
  • Review your route with quick directions at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the screen to re-speak the next instruction.
  • Freely explore the map with normal pan and zoom gestures.
    • Press and hold to return your current location as the center-point.
  • Refresh button to re-route from your current location.
  • Shows estimated time of arrival.
  • Shows estimated distance to destination.
  • Shows distances in feet or meters.
  • Quick reminders as you approach your next maneuver.
  • Friendly beep immediately before your next maneuver.


  • Your destinations are stored in history to quickly find places you have previously been.
  • History items are ordered by how frequently you navigate to them.
  • You can easily remove items from your history.

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