Update 3

Navigator finally has a new update about to roll out to the store. This update fixes a number of crashing bugs from the previous version as well as adds some new interesting features.

  • History items will be weighted by how frequently you visit that location.
  • There is now a Settings page where you can go and toggle a few settings:
    • There is now a Unit setting where you can switch to meters instead of feet.
    • There is now a Mute setting which will mute all speech and sounds from the app independent of your phones volume settings.
  • Estimated distance is now shown on the directions view in addition to estimated time of arrival.
  • A feedback menu item was added to directions view.

There was feedback in one of the reviews on the store that the text directions were too small to read while driving. I thought about making it bigger somehow but ultimately decided against it since you really shouldn’t be reading while driving anyway, instead you should just tap the screen to get your next directions as speech, or pull over and review the directions before continuing driving. Be safe!

If you have any comments or feature requests please reply below.



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